Jet Protocol Raises $4.8 Million Seed Round

We're thrilled to share the names of the awesome VC's and Angels who have backed us as we build out borrowing and lending on Solana

We’ve just received word from the ground crew — we’re cleared for take off!

Jet Protocol started off as a no-brainer idea — every blockchain needs a decentralized borrowing and lending protocol. There was no clear platform already built, and usable, on Solana at the start of this year. The more we discussed the concept, the bigger the opportunity seemed to innovate on a core borrowing and lending blockchain primitive within the Solana ecosystem…

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Disclaimer: The statements, proposals, and details contained above are informational only, and subject to change. We are in early stage development and may need to change dates, details, or the project as a whole based on the protocol, team, legal or regulatory needs, or due to developments of Solana.

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